Hi! Welcome to the site of Sam Cridlin, People Photograper, Flash Animator, Photoshop Pro, InDesign Sharpshooter, and Dreamweaver Dude. Hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon.

You can probably tell I'm a photographer who spends some time working on web and interactive projects and print thrown in for good measure. Well, that's part of the story. If you just want to skip to the flashy stuff just hit a link up top. If you've got some time, settle in for the long, strange tale that gets us to today. When it started, it was a dark and rainy night ...


Bored kid with spiked hair at wedding.Wait, that's Snoopy's line.

Let's just cut to the chase.


I was a photographer that got into Photoshop. I then got into Flash and Dreamweaver. Quark and InDesign came along for the ride here and there. I went out on my own and InDesign showed up more but Dreamweaver and Flash were still the kings of my tool box. I got deeper into Javascript and server models like ASP, CFM, PHP. I also started to speak SQL more fluently. For the last few years I shot and edited video for a fortune 100 company.


Now I feel a lot like the little guy I caught really enjoying a wedding.